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Bringing Colour to Productivity

It's well known that colour plays a huge part in our mood, and subsequently in our productivity. However, many office spaces are still painted in dull, bland colours like grey and beige and scientific studies have demonstrated that these depressing colours have a profound negative impact on how well we work. Read more

Brighten up an Office Space for Summer

An office space can sometimes seem like a dull environment, especially when the wall colour is plain and there is nothing on the walls. In creative environments, a splash of colour can really help bring out a flow of ideas, and a boost of productivity and morale. The image of a grey and enclosed working...
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Industrial Painting: Importance of Safety

In any industry or business, maintaining the safety standards is vital for employees, the company, and clients. In addition to protecting against health issues, other factors such as liability need to be taken into account. When it comes to handling harmful substances such as paint in an industrial setting, ensuring that all health and safety...
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Benefits of Refurbishing a School Washroom

Poor cleanliness and bad odours are common complaints in washrooms. In schools, ensuring that proper hygiene standards are followed is essential. Removing the sources of the issues guarantees a better functioning school overall, with students and teachers increasing their productivity. Improving the overall environment and technology of your school washroom will bring you both short and...
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