Colour Psychology and How It Can Benefit You

Colours are more powerful than we believe. Did you know that the colours you use to decorate your home or office can affect you in a number of different ways? A little colour psychology can be used to create soothing and productive moods. There are colours to make you feel relaxed and refreshed, whilst others are used to awaken you and increase your stimulation. This blog is a guide to which colours will benefit you within your home and work life.

Living Room Colours

Your living room should be covered in warm colours such as reds, yellows, and oranges, but also with earth tones like brown and beige, as these also work well. These give more comfort to those in the room as these colours are stimulating, encouraging people to sit around and talk. This results in a warming feeling throughout the room.


 Kitchen Colours

It is suggested that if you have fond memories of spending time in the kitchen area when you were young, it’s natural to want to recreate that colour scheme within your own kitchen. However, if there’s no fond colour coming to mind, reds and yellows can also be used for this room. But, research has suggested bright, warm colours can increase our appetite, so if you’re trying to be healthy, try using the colour blue.

Dining Room Colours

As previously suggested, red décor is a great stimulating colour, and therefore would be beneficial for your dining room also. The psychology of this colour is fascinating, as it causes conversation and appetite, making your guests think you are a better cook!

Bedroom Colours

The bedroom is where we go to relax and rest, which means that colours with a calming effect are ideal. Cool colours such as; blues, greens and lavenders are great choices to go for, as they rejuvenate the mind and body, slowing your heart rate, and reduce feelings of anxiety. The darker the hue, the more pronounced its effects are. Reds tend to increase blood pressure and our heart rate, whilst blues do the opposite, which is why we think they are considered a lot more calming.

 Bathroom Colours

Popular choices for bathrooms have always been whites and warm colours, due to them connoting cleanliness and purity. However, in recent years, our bathrooms are not just a place to wash up, they are also a room for relaxation and rejuvenation. Most people tend to use blues, greens, and turquoises, as these colours give a sense of clean, calm, and freshness, making you feel a lot more comfortable.

Workout Room Colours

The first idea of colours that spring to mind can be reds and oranges, as they can help you move, giving you more energy, but they can also make you feel too hot, which can be distressing. Due to this, better choices for this room could be blues and greens. This is because according to colour psychology, these colours are happier, helping you focus on your workout.

Home Office Colours

You want to feel productive in this room, as the faster you complete your work-related tasks, the more time you can spend with your family and friends. It is suggested green is a great choice for your home office, as green is the colour of concentration, and it is one of the best colours to be surrounded by for long periods of time, reducing chances of distraction and stress.

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