4 Easy Ways to Bring Personality Into Your Office Design

We spend so much time at work that creating a space which is enjoyable to work in will increase people’s sense of fulfilment and could help to improve productivity. One of the best ways you can create a great office design is to bring your personality into the look and feel of the environment you work in.

Every business is a sum of the people working in it, so by encouraging your team to input into the design of your office, you’ll be ensuring it’s a space everyone feels comfortable in. Below we’ve listed our top tips for bringing personality into your office design.

1. Use a Chalkboard

Stick chalkboards up in meetings rooms to highlight the agenda of the meeting, or in a central part of the office for team to-do lists. The fun use of a chalkboard will help your team reminisce about their youth and can be used to encourage a quick turnaround of tasks, which are quickly dusted off when completed.

2. Showcase Quotes

Whether it’s quotes from classic literature, successful business people or even song lyrics, or a quick Google search will produce a huge number of inspiring quotes relevant to your business. Paint them on the wall to encourage your employees to be the best they can be each day. You could also ask for suggestions from your team for quotes that are meaningful to the so that they feel inspired on a personal level.

3. Put Up Shelving

To encourage your team to keep the office space clean and organised, you could put up angular-looking shelving as a storage solution and an effective design feature. Use old scaffolding planks to create an industrial look and mix up the items on your shelving with a combination of office items and items of interest. Use interesting photography in frames, small sculptures or awards that your business has won, so that the shelves are both functional and attractive.

4. Paint the Walls

You can also add colour to your office! Be it a bright tone or a darker one, showcase your personality and your business’s by painting the walls or the ceiling. From simple one-colour walls to multicoloured works of art, paint is a fantastic way to bring that extra something to any space!

If you’re currently looking to update the design and aesthetic of your office and need a painting contractor Nottingham, then contact Slack & Rose today. Our expertise can help inject personality into your office, bringing your design to life.

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