5 Colours That Bring Space To Life

Your interior design acts as the face of space and, commercially, it is a way to portray your personality and voice through the use of colours and patterns. Colours do more than brighten or darken a room, they have the ability to affect your mood.

Each colour plays a different role within design (and the way you will perceive a space), and decorating with a fitting colour can improve your interior. Colours can also create an illusion of space by illuminating dark areas or creating an intimate and cosy area. Here at Slack & Rose, we provide innovative design to commercial customers in both the public and private sectors. Here are five colours you could use to bring your space to life and elevate it to new heights:


Colours have the ability to influence your emotions, and red is the colour of strong desires and passion. Red creates and represents a happy and stimulating effect, and allows the room to make a statement. The stimulating effect makes it an ideal choice to use in commercial spaces because the energy it feeds is a great choice for spaces where people gather, entertain, and work.


Green is the symbol for growth, freshness, and harmony, and this colour has become popular for interior design in the past few years. This is because it is associated with nature and represents rejuvenation and restoration. Green is a secondary colour, as it is the result of combining the two primary colours yellow and blue, making it both cooling and warming. Green can transform a room by creating a reconnection with nature and a feeling of security throughout, where people will feel comfortable working in.


Purple is one of the most enigmatic colours, giving a sense of luxury and creativity throughout its design. Purple has been associated with spirituality and imagination for a long time and, with its magnetic appeal, it has become very popular with royalty. Purple, combined with gold, gives an extravagant look, and the lighter shades of purple create a more nostalgic and romantic feel. Well-known purple colours, such as lavender and lilac, create a restful feel, whilst darker shades of the colour create a rich, sophisticated, and dramatic feel.

This colour helps commercial spaces through the creativity it portrays, this is perfect for individuals who intend to work in this space. Also, the sophistication this colour brings sets a professional image to potential business partners.


Blue is a colour that radiates a calming effect throughout a room. This is ideal throughout the summer, as the colour also adds a cooler touch to the room. Due to these reasons, it is an ideal colour for bathrooms and healthcare premises. In other commercial settings, blue can create different effects; in a classroom for example, blue represents order, direction, peace, and spirituality, which helps the students to concentrate and improves learning.

Neutral Tones

Neutral colours consist of the shades black, grey, white and brown. These colours have been used for interior design as they form a foundation that can be built on to add or tone down personality within a room. A benefit of using neutral tones is their flexibility, as they can be used in a multitude of ways to increase warmth, light, and energy within a room. An example of this can be using black and white on their own’ they can introduce drama and flair to a space with their contrasting shades, but subtle tones can be used beautifully as well. Neutral tones can adapt to fashions, which is ideal for commercial designs, as it allows you to keep up to date with current trends

There is a huge advantage to using certain colours within design. If you would like to find out more information about our services, get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 0115 9654555, and we will be happy to help.






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