Top Office Design Trends for 2018

Office design is forever changing to keep up with the needs and desires of employees. It's not just about the way the office looks, it's about creating an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and feels welcoming. This year will also see innovations in the form of textures, colours and much more. Read more

Creating Definition With Colour

Open-plan offices and meeting areas the norm in thousands of businesses around the UK. With this, it's no wonder that people's workdays tend to blend together. When it comes to creating an office that's both open and productive in design, being able to segregate off areas for different atmospheres and purposes can make all the...
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4 Easy Ways to Bring Personality Into Your Office Design

We spend so much time at work that creating a space which is enjoyable to work in will increase people's sense of fulfilment and could help to improve productivity. One of the best ways you can create a great office design is to bring your personality into the look and feel of the environment you...
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