Bringing Colour to Productivity

It's well known that colour plays a huge part in our mood, and subsequently in our productivity. However, many office spaces are still painted in dull, bland colours like grey and beige and scientific studies have demonstrated that these depressing colours have a profound negative impact on how well we work. Read more

How to Create the Perfect Office Design

Designing an office space that will help to inspire your team and increase productivity is one of the most important transformations you can undergo as a company. With companies like Google offering employees slides in the office, the boundaries of office design are constantly being reinvented. Read more

Create a Great First Impression with a Vibrant Exterior

If you want your business or workplace to stand out from the crowd, all it can take is an expert lick of paint. This is sure to be the first place people's eyes turn to. Though interior design and paint are equally important, exterior design is often left as an afterthought. However, there's no better...
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The Importance of Professional Office Design

On average, your employees spend more time in the office than they do in their own homes. Now, more than ever, professional office design is of supreme importance. This both attracts and retains the Millennials who make up the majority of the workforce. They expect the same kinds of comfort and design as they surround...
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