Top Colour Schemes For Classrooms

Classrooms are a place where long levels of concentration are needed over extended periods of time. Colours can play a large part in the learning of individuals and the design is an important aspect of this. A room with minimal distractions is the aim for classrooms. Colour is an integral part of...
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How Interior Design Influences Your Subconscious

When it comes to interior design, many of us think about the final product and what we need to do to achieve this, but an area that’s not always taken into consideration is the effect interior design has on your subconscious. Did you know the choices you make have a documented effect on your emotions...
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Brighten up an Office Space for Summer

An office space can sometimes seem like a dull environment, especially when the wall colour is plain and there is nothing on the walls. In creative environments, a splash of colour can really help bring out a flow of ideas, and a boost of productivity and morale. The image of a grey and enclosed working...
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