Bringing Colour to Productivity

It’s well known that colour plays a huge part in our mood, and subsequently in our productivity. However, many office spaces are still painted in dull, bland colours like grey and beige and scientific studies have demonstrated that these depressing colours have a profound negative impact on how well we work.

Some bright colours can also hamper our capacity to work, so it helps to use the right choices for creativity and productiveness in your office environment. Read on to find out how to use colour effectively:

Interior Design for Offices Boosts Productivity

When it comes to interior design for offices, certain colours have shown to make workers feel more energised and creative, or enabled them to concentrate better. It all depends on the task at hand. Subtle changes in design can have a lasting impact on how our work space affects us.

If workers need to improve their focus, it’s best to stick to soft, natural palettes of green and blue which create calming, contented spaces. Too much blue could overwhelm though, so keep the colours neutral with flashes of brightness. Green is especially useful in offices with computer screens, providing a welcome respite for tired eyes.

If your office is a creative hub, spark ideas and artistic output with yellows. Shades of yellow on accent walls or pillars feel adventurous and innovative, and inspire the same in your work.

A New Look Brings New Life

If your office has been feeling drab and uninspiring, look to colour as a way to bring new life to the workplace. Subtle hints and tones could be the trick that brings out the best in the workplace, inspiring creatives, stimulating scientists and engineers, or helping accountants focus. Whatever your need or space, the right colour in the right place can bring a new wave of workplace contentment and output to your office.

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