Create a Great First Impression with a Vibrant Exterior

If you want your business or workplace to stand out from the crowd, all it can take is an expert lick of paint. This is sure to be the first place people’s eyes turn to. Though interior design and paint are equally important, exterior design is often left as an afterthought. However, there’s no better way to advertise yourself than through how your business appears from the outside.

There’s plenty you can do to stand out and make an impression. Here are some of our favourite ways to show off your business:


If your brand is based on a particular colour or theme, utilising painted exterior design – whether it’s a subtly painted window frame or more of a vibrant all-over effect – can be an excellent way to get your brand out there and spark discussion. The basics of colour psychology that design agencies apply to their logos works here too; after all, something is appealing about a yellow office building or sky blue accents that can brighten anyone’s day.

Creative and Colourful

If you’re in a creative market like design or graphics, why not show off that creativity to the outside world? Either a stark white or vibrant colour can be a great base for creativity, whether that’s unusual patterns, graffiti or just vinyl applications to show off your company’s personality in the best possible light. For businesses where colour is key, you could even look at matching your exterior to PANTONE or RGB shades for a particularly creative effect.

Sense of Community

There are towns all over that get into a festival spirit when it comes to painting houses and businesses – join in with the local community with an equally colourful office building or workplace, giving a greater feeling of community to any town centre or residential zone that will help your business fit right in. A splash of colour can also bring a sense of approachability that a plain building can’t.

If you’re looking for commercial painters Nottingham-based, contact us. We’d love to help make your business more vibrant than ever before.

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