Creating Definition With Colour

Open-plan offices and meeting areas the norm in thousands of businesses around the UK. With this, it’s no wonder that people’s workdays tend to blend together. When it comes to creating an office that’s both open and productive in design, being able to segregate off areas for different atmospheres and purposes can make all the difference to the average workday. Here are just a few ways that colour can be used to create definition:

The Writing’s on the Wall

One of the best ways to make use of wall space in an office area is to get creative with your design work. If you’re a creative agency, or a passionate company, displaying this ethos on your walls in a creative and exciting way is a great way to inspire visitors and office workers alike. Separating these messages per-area is also a great way to transition from what your own work ethic is, to what your customer service ethic stands for, and so on.

Colour Consistency

Colour consistency can turn a plain office into one with a purpose – especially when used to further establish the colours of a brand or style of a business. Opt for similar colours and tones to your business logo. This gives an impression of the unified and enthusiastic workforce that you have. Combine matching wall colours with workplace elements like desk dividers or even graphic elements. This creates an on-brand look that won’t leave you with a headache.

The Psychology of Colour

Colours are closely linked to emotion and psychology, affecting graphic design choices and logo colours worldwide. Dipping into colour psychology can be a great way to separate the energy you want in different parts of your office. Opt for vibrant, citrus tones and exciting creative work, which is perfect for a meeting room.

For the general office, opt for professional and productive blues and purples. For relaxation and rest areas, go for soft and gentle tones. Setting the scene can make a huge difference to any office environment. It helps to break up the day within individual locations.

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