How Interior Design Influences Your Subconscious

When it comes to interior design, many of us think about the final product and what we need to do to achieve this, but an area that’s not always taken into consideration is the effect interior design has on your subconscious. Did you know the choices you make have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions? Let’s have a look at how interior design influences your subconscious.

Colour Choices Affect Your Mood

Colour is a main component of how we experience the world around us, and the colours in our environment have a definite effect on our moods and emotions, so it’s best to use colours in ways that fit with the tone you want to create in that space. Here are what some colours represent:

  • Red – symbolizes power and passion, used to warm up spaces and make them feel more intimate.
  • Orange – offers energy and innovation but too much can leave people feeling overwhelmed.
  • Green – known for soothing qualities.
  • Blue – shows feelings of calm and freshness, good for areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Yellow – associated with happiness, creation, and creativity.
  • Black – an assertion of power used for statement pieces to draw the eye.
  • White – relates a sense of cleanliness and purity, great for defining a space.

Possessions Reveal Personality

Items used to fill an interior space act as an expression of our personalities and desires. There are four distinct criteria we use to value our interiors:

  • Function – this includes questions like; will this item fit your needs? Will this flooring cover the whole entire area of the room?
  • Exchange – is this item worth the price?
  • Symbolic – does this item have an emotion attachment?
  • Sign – does this item have a particular status symbol?

Space Gives the Illusion of More

There are ways to make areas appear more spacious, by using visual tricks to alter how others view the space. For a room to appear larger, slim furniture is a great way to achieve this. Also by creating depth through the use of wall hangings, it creates a more spacious look. For those who want their space to feel more inviting, warm colours are a great choice whilst offering plenty of ambient lighting.

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