Top Office Design Trends for 2018

Office design is forever changing to keep up with the needs and desires of employees. It’s not just about the way the office looks, it’s about creating an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and feels welcoming. This year will also see innovations in the form of textures, colours and much more.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in office design, here’s what you need to know:

Grey room with decorative wall squares, sofa and wooden table

Home Comforts

In 2018, employers will be keen on introducing elements that make workers feel like they’re simply relaxing at home. This includes amenities such as showers, beer fridges, food trucks, fireplaces and so on. So, the emphasis will be on comfort and fun. Trendy brands and millennials are really into this kind of stuff. And if anything, it will surely encourage workers to stay in the building longer.

Introducing Textures

Minimalism has been a popular concept in design for a while now. Adding texture is a way in which office designers will get playful while staying true to the overall minimalist look. It’s in line with the idea of introducing home comforts into the workplace. Plus, it provides a sensory experience for employees and visitors.

Going Wall-Free

Gone are the days of traditional wall partitions and enclosed meeting spaces. This year will continue to see the prevalence of wide open spaces at the office. This, of course, encourages collaboration. If offices do have any partitions at all, don’t expect to see regular walls. Instead, modern offices will contain unusual dividers such as bamboo walls or display cabinets.

Colours to Look Out For

Patone’s colour palette for 2018 has some schemes that would work brilliantly in an office environment. The ‘Intricacy’ palette for instance consists of neutral metallics which would suit a forward-thinking brand. While the ‘Far-fetched’ palette encourages a warm and welcoming environment. Then there’s ‘Resourceful’ which is bold and fresh, making it suited to innovative companies.

Now you know all about the latest trends in office design, you might want to update your office. Contact Slack and Rose today for commercial refurbishment in Nottingham.

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