What’s the Perfect Primary Colour For Your Style Of Office?

If you’re making decisions about your new office colour scheme, the chances are you’ve been influenced by schemes you’ve seen in real life or on Pinterest. While an all-white office can be too cold and clinical, how do you know whether dynamic red or tranquil green will work in your office?

colour spectrum with primary colours for the office

What Kind of Office are You?

Blue, yellow, red and green are the foundation colours behind most office colour schemes, but each has a profile that makes it better suited for a certain type of office. If you’re involved in the creative industries or marketing, then your office should be optimistic yellow. Work in sports and fitness or construction and you should focus on energising red.

The ‘thinking’ office for a law firm or financial sector business will benefit from a predominantly blue scheme, while the calming office (designers, health & beauty) should focus on green.

Identifying the type of business you are and focusing a scheme around one of these four colours should be straightforward, but human beings don’t react to colours in isolation. In fact, our emotional mood can mean that we see a ‘productive’ blue office as a cold and unattractive place to work.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Colours

To create the right environment for your office, you need to decide on the primary and secondary features of your business and blend your colours accordingly.

• Blue = productivity
• Red = activity/physicality
• Yellow = creativity and emotion
• Green = balance and calm

Because of their relationship on the colour wheel, a red and green office or a blue and yellow one can work surprisingly well, as can natural shades of green and blue and hotter shades of yellow shading into red when used together.

Bear in mind that the stronger the saturation of a colour, the more closely it’s associated with one primary function so you may prefer to use less saturated hues when creating a balanced scheme.

Consider Natural Light

The one element which your employees value above all others in the office is the presence of natural light, so be very considerate of this factor when developing a colour scheme.

If you’re considering commercial refurbishment Nottingham then we can help you create an office scheme that feels comfortable and spacious. Contact us and we’ll be able to advise you on the right colours for your business.

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